Top 10 Best Technically Fit Cars

March 31, 2013 at 11:28

Today we are going to see the top ten cars with the best technical fitting. As it is quite difficult to understand which car presents the greatest value for the money in terms of offered performance and driving engagement we will try to set aside some of the best models. Let’s see what cars offer the greatest value for money and what kind of core must have a real modern car, not forgetting about the looks and also the price. In our new ranking all cars could have taken part, regardless of their class.

10th Place took the Tesla Model S with electrical fitting
9th Place took the BMW 3-Series model with great and almost perfect core
8th Place took the Infinity Q50 with perfect engine
7th Place took the sporty and extravagant Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
6th Place took the big and mighty model of Dodge Ram 1500
5th Place took the Ford Fusion new compact city car
4th Place took the Land Rover Range Rover – perfect engine for high-class car
3rd Place took the Chevrolet Spark with its very economic core
2nd Place took the Audi A3 sedan model
1st Place took the Mazda 6 model with good economic engine

Best Cars for People who Like Green Color

March 29, 2013 at 13:23

Green is the color of nature, life itself and spring. The most “natural” color mesmerizing balance of warmth and coolness, and “green” people are often confident and balanced in nature. They are hardworking citizens, caring parents, caring neighbors – legible, kind and generous people. If you prefer green, it means you are afraid of foreign influence; look for ways to assert yourself, as it is for you quite vital. You are smart and understand new ideas and are ready to accept other people’s opinion. On the other hand, you rarely will agree to take a chance and try something new where you can go to a proven, conventional way.

2013 Ford Fiesta

2013 Ford Fiesta Photo

Top 10 Best Light SUVs

March 27, 2013 at 11:48

Today we are going to talk about big cars, really big cars, not just some crossovers or something like this; we will be talking about new lightweight Sport Utility Vehicles. The best SUVs that appear to be the most powerful, most reliable and also enjoy highest rankings from the customers. The SUVs must have also been pretty affordable and economic, as this is the biggest problem with cars of this class, then the fuel efficiency was one of the most important features that were taken into consideration I this ranking. So let’s start the top 10 for today!

10th Place took the big and with the price lower than $25,000 – Honda CR-V
9th Place took the pretty similar to the previous model Toyota RAV4
8th Place took the very friendly in handling Hyundai Santa Fe
7th Place took the American dream car – Dodge Journey
6th Place took the big and powerful model Chevrolet Silverado
5th Place took the most popular in Europe model of Ford SUV – Ford Escape
4th Place took the the top car in US and Canada – GMC Sierra
3rd Place took the another American model Dodge Caravan
2nd Place took the big and classic Ram pickup
1st Place took the best and most affordable Ford F-Series

Best Cars for People Who Like Red Color

March 25, 2013 at 11:51

Red symbolizes the relentless pursuit of success, the dramatization of experience, a sense of fullness of life. The person who likes red color is distinguished by courage, strength of will, imperiousness, irascibility, sociability, tendency to altruism. These people find it hard to be objective; their behavior is differentiated by confidence and stubbornness. They do not prefer listening to someone else’s advice, but get everything their way. Patience is not one of their virtues.

Audi RS-5

Audi RS-5 Photo

Top 10 Best Cars for Scholars

March 23, 2013 at 12:48

As the car is the great transportation mean and is also a status claim, majority of young people try to get a car at a pretty early age. As cars are also usually a great financial investment, it is not that easy to decide which car to choose, especially if you are a young student. So now we are going to present to you the top ten best cars for youngsters like college seniors, the cars that are pretty affordable, representative in terms of their exterior and are also pretty easy in handling and maintenance.

10th Place took the hybrid model of great car Honda Civic
9th Place took the Japanese model of the compact car Mazda2
8th Place took the other Mazda car that could get it to the higher line – Mazda3
7th Place took the car with a great name Chevrolet Impala
6th Place took the affordable and pretty decent car Nissan Maxima
5th Place took the more aggressive in nature model of Ford Mustang
4th Place took the very reliable car model of VW Passat
3rd Place took the took the car that is also pretty affordable and decent – Skoda Actavia
2nd Place took the best car among female student – Nissan Juke
1st Place took the dream car for all youngsters with a little more money – BMW 3-Series.

Top 10 Snow Riding Cars

March 21, 2013 at 11:35

As snowy winter is not letting us go, we see that it is trying really hard to reign over the spring now, though as we are the experienced car lovers, we are going to talk about the models that are the best fighters with snow and fear no icy roads or a rainy snowfall early in the morning. Let’s see which cars can best tackle this nasty weather and respond to the freezing weather conditions.

10th Place took the modern and fashionable Range Rover Evoque
9th Place took the other pretty luxurious model of Kahn Porsche Cayenne Wide Track
8th Place took the big truck model of Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
7th Place took the high-class model of Infiniti FX Vettel Edition
6th Place took the small city crossover with great al-wheel-drive – Nissan Juke-R
5th Place took the big model of German brand – Mercedes ML63 AMG
4th Place took the small and vintage model of MINI Countryman WRC
3rd Place took the brother of the already mentioned model – Range Rover
2nd Place took the pretty unusual model of Scuderia Ferrari Jeep SRT8
1st Place took the other supercar that fights with snow just perfectly – Ferrari FF

Best Cars for People Who Like White Color

March 19, 2013 at 11:13

Let’s start new phase of our articles and new theme, let’s talk about best cars for people who like different colors! Today we are going to start with the color white! White is a symbol of purity, innocence and naive. White is strongly associated with youth. If this color is preferred by a person who is more of age, it speaks of his perfectionism, unachievable ideals which he sets for himself. He may also want to bring himself back to his youth and carelessness. Choice of white symbolizes the desire for simplicity, the simple life.

2013 Toyota Corolla

2013 Toyota Corolla Photo