Top 10 cars bought by officials

March 3, 2013 at 15:54

Today we are going to look at a quite interesting ranking that we have prepared for you today. We are going to look at top 10 cars that were bought by the government official in different countries, just to see what kind of cars people of completly different social class choose. Though, we decided not to set apart the cars that were bought for the personal consumption and also the work purposes. Let’s see both of those in our ranking today! Let’s srtat!

10th Place took the Volkswagen Crafter in the modification А208.50
9th Place took the elegant model of Mercedes-Benz Viano CDI22 Trend Long
8th Place took the other German car – Volkswagen Caravelle Comfortline 2,0
7th Place took the high-class Japanese model Toyota Camry Premium
6th Place took the very interestingly picked by the officials of Poland Skoda Superb Elegance
5th Place took the other Volkswagen, now the model T5 Kombi
4th Place took the other Japanese dream-car Toyota Camry 3.5 А/Т
3rd Place took the model of Hyundai H-1
2nd Place took the high-class model of Cadillac CTS
1st Place took the elegant and simply beautiful car Lexus LX 570

Top 10 Best Cars for the Last Desades

March 1, 2013 at 11:52

Today we are going to talk about the best cars, though the definition for the phrase “best car” we decided not to limit to any of the known standards, like the volume of sales, the highest power output, the greatest fuel economy. Today we are going to look at the top ten cars presented in the past dosen years, that were named the best because of their certain achievements and in certain categories, that may be even one of the kind, especially invented for those models. Let’s start our creative ranking!

10th Place took the Honda Accord as the best family sedan
9th Place took the Mazda Mazda3 as the most economic car
8th Place took the Toyota Prius model as the most green car
7th Place took the Ford Mustang as the best tuning car
6th Place took the Volkswagen Passat as the best affordable high-class model
5th Place took the Mercedes-Benz E-Class as the most elegant model
4th Place took the Lexus RX as the top luxury sport utility vehicles
3rd Place took the Porsche 911 as the best series sports car
2nd Place took the BMW X5 as the best premium SUV
1st Place took the Audi Q5 as big and exotic car

Best Cars for People Who Like Zombie Movies

February 27, 2013 at 12:36

As Zombie movies are becoming increasingly popular, we decided to see what kind of cars would be best suitable for these people, though at first let’s try to understand their mindset. As zombie films usually feature lot’s of tension, these people must feel quite bored with their lives and want some additional adrenalin in the evening after the daily routine. Zombie films are usually characterized as horror-science-fiction movies. There might be some rational thought behind the plot and the very beginning of the apocalypses, but even though it features future-oriented world, it still is the decadent and not that happy world we might see, so we can either say that people who like these films are usually depressed, or even vice versa, have the ability to not take such things seriously.

2013 Dodge Durango

2013 Dodge Durango Photo

Top 10 Cars for New Ride in 2013

February 25, 2013 at 09:52

Today let’s look at the top ten cars that have raised our serious surprise and our attention in their new generation modifications. These ten cars have surprised us with their new fillings, their cores, also with new technology, that they are realizing from the company, and also very attractive exterior and interior. So we didn’t divide the cars nor by class, nor by their prices, just by the extent of our astonishment by them. Let’s start the ranking list!

10th Place took the city compact model of the Chevrolet Volt
9th Place took the speedy car Chevrolet Corvette
8th Place took the conservative beauty of the expensive Porsche 911
7th Place took the famous German automaker with its new Audi A7
6th Place took the very furious muscle car of Dodge Challenger V-8
5th Place took the high-luxury model of new Lexus GS
4th Place took the modern and stunningly looking Audi A6
3rd Place took the American car from the great producer – Dodge Charger V-8
2nd Place took the powerful and really aggresive Ford Mustang V-8
1st Place took the one of the best models of the last year in a new modification – Toyota Camry hybrid

Best Cars for People who Like Super Heroes Films

February 23, 2013 at 09:03

As super heroes films usually feature the protagonist who is always there to save the day. As people who watch the films usually associate themselves with the main hero, then people who like these kinds of films are quite strong in their character but still seem to lack some of the self-believe and self-esteem. These people are easily influenced by the opposite sex and usually have a good sense of humor. They are quite popular, but still need some additional boost. These people are very successful in work and in projects that are both engaging and require great amount of devotion.

2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Photo

Top 10 Car Models in Western Europe

February 21, 2013 at 12:05

Today we are going to look at the sales of the most popular cars in the Western Europe. The term “Western” in our reference includes every country is situated to the western side of Germany and also including the countries that are located in the vertical line with it. So now, let’s see whether the already known leaders of Europe are also here and what kind of places they have covered. Let’s start the new top ten!

10th Place took the interesting and quite surprising model of the Fiat Panda
9th Place took the model of the Opel car brand that doesn’t seem to experience the problems that are now reported in the press releases –Opel Corsa
8th Place took the another very famous model of Opel – new Opel Astra
7th Place took the first in this ranking crossover –Nissan Qashqai
6th Place took the already known to us from the previous top tens – Ford Focus
5th Place took the first in the ranking list French automaker – Peugeot 208
4th Place took the surprising for us model of Renault Clio
3rd Place took the compact model that was and will be popular – Volkswagen Polo
2nd Place took the another super popular model of this year – Ford Fiesta
1st Place took the German model of the most popular compact-car – Volkswagen Golf.

Best Cars for People Who Like Family Films

February 19, 2013 at 09:55

From the very name we can already say that a person is having a family, or has a great will to have a family of his own. Such people are usually very dependent on the others and enjoy being in a close though not that crowded community. These people are very sensible but are also very eager to sharing and different commonalities. These are the people who will bring new packet of milk for the coffee at work when it finishes and will not ask for anything for that, however, they are very aggressive if something will be turned against him, his family or people close to him.

2013 Nissan Altima

2013 Nissan Altima Photo