Top 10 Best Cars for Hipsters

December 9, 2012 at 09:37

As we have seen that the modern world is conquered by the interesting trend called hipster. We will not be talking a lot about what this trend really mean, and what these hipster people look like, we better concentrate on the real topic for today – the best cars for such people, but one sentence will make it all clear for you – hipster and a homeless person differs by just an iPhone.
Let’s see today our top ten prepared for these new society members!

10th Place took the a uniquely fashionable and revolutionary Saab 900
9th Place took the a car or not a car for people… or not people (a joke :) – new Smart ForTwo
8th Place took the real icone of the automakers – Volkswagen Golf MKII
7th Place took the old and honest and supportive Peugeot 205
6th Place took the real classic of all times – BMW E30 3 Series
5th Place took the Volkswagen Thing – the real dream for all hipsters, so good luck in finding it!
4th Place took the other icon of real big automakers – Jeep Grand Wagoneer
3rd Place took the Pontiac Phoenix – for all the hipster kings
2nd Place took the Volkswagen Bus, the best minibus that one can imagine
1st Place took the vintage model that for sure was stolen from museum – Citroen 2CV

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