Top 10 Best Light SUVs

March 27, 2013 at 11:48

Today we are going to talk about big cars, really big cars, not just some crossovers or something like this; we will be talking about new lightweight Sport Utility Vehicles. The best SUVs that appear to be the most powerful, most reliable and also enjoy highest rankings from the customers. The SUVs must have also been pretty affordable and economic, as this is the biggest problem with cars of this class, then the fuel efficiency was one of the most important features that were taken into consideration I this ranking. So let’s start the top 10 for today!

10th Place took the big and with the price lower than $25,000 – Honda CR-V
9th Place took the pretty similar to the previous model Toyota RAV4
8th Place took the very friendly in handling Hyundai Santa Fe
7th Place took the American dream car – Dodge Journey
6th Place took the big and powerful model Chevrolet Silverado
5th Place took the most popular in Europe model of Ford SUV – Ford Escape
4th Place took the the top car in US and Canada – GMC Sierra
3rd Place took the another American model Dodge Caravan
2nd Place took the big and classic Ram pickup
1st Place took the best and most affordable Ford F-Series

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