Top 10 Best Technically Fit Cars

March 31, 2013 at 11:28

Today we are going to see the top ten cars with the best technical fitting. As it is quite difficult to understand which car presents the greatest value for the money in terms of offered performance and driving engagement we will try to set aside some of the best models. Let’s see what cars offer the greatest value for money and what kind of core must have a real modern car, not forgetting about the looks and also the price. In our new ranking all cars could have taken part, regardless of their class.

10th Place took the Tesla Model S with electrical fitting
9th Place took the BMW 3-Series model with great and almost perfect core
8th Place took the Infinity Q50 with perfect engine
7th Place took the sporty and extravagant Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
6th Place took the big and mighty model of Dodge Ram 1500
5th Place took the Ford Fusion new compact city car
4th Place took the Land Rover Range Rover – perfect engine for high-class car
3rd Place took the Chevrolet Spark with its very economic core
2nd Place took the Audi A3 sedan model
1st Place took the Mazda 6 model with good economic engine

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