Top 10 Cars for New Ride in 2013

February 25, 2013 at 09:52

Today let’s look at the top ten cars that have raised our serious surprise and our attention in their new generation modifications. These ten cars have surprised us with their new fillings, their cores, also with new technology, that they are realizing from the company, and also very attractive exterior and interior. So we didn’t divide the cars nor by class, nor by their prices, just by the extent of our astonishment by them. Let’s start the ranking list!

10th Place took the city compact model of the Chevrolet Volt
9th Place took the speedy car Chevrolet Corvette
8th Place took the conservative beauty of the expensive Porsche 911
7th Place took the famous German automaker with its new Audi A7
6th Place took the very furious muscle car of Dodge Challenger V-8
5th Place took the high-luxury model of new Lexus GS
4th Place took the modern and stunningly looking Audi A6
3rd Place took the American car from the great producer – Dodge Charger V-8
2nd Place took the powerful and really aggresive Ford Mustang V-8
1st Place took the one of the best models of the last year in a new modification – Toyota Camry hybrid

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