Top 10 Cars That Are Worth the Price

January 4, 2013 at 18:42

Usually, when we are choosing a car for ourselves, after the very dearest dreams comes the consideration whether the car is actually worth the money it claims on the price tag and how much you spend on it in the end. So today we are going to look in details into top ten models that appear to be the best ones to keep their price-performance-quality ratio as realistic and as fair as possible. So if you are thinking about buying a new car, you better look through our post, because the cars that will be presented here are really ones of the best!

10th Place took the compact car model of Volkswagen Golf
9th Place took the bigger and more expensive but still worth the price – Porsche Cayenne
8th Place took the smallest car in the ranking – Fiat 500
7th Place took the very powerful and posh model of Audi Q7
6th Place took the rare, but really interesting Volkswagen Scirocco
5th Place took the surprise for us, but indeed a good car – Range Rover Sport
4th Place took the car for an adventurer – Land Rover Discovery
3rd Place took the fairly good choice – Skoda Yeti
2nd Place took the German brand again with the Audi Q5 model
1st Place took the best SUV model and best choice – Toyota Land Cruiser

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