Top 10 Hybrids from Detroit

January 16, 2013 at 09:52

As great and truly magnificent event of Detroit Auto Show is already behind us, we would like to refresh your mind with the creative, innovative and stylish models that you had a chance to meet in person. Well, but today we decided that we should better concentrate more on the green, sustainable cars. Therefore let’s see what best ten cars you could have met during this Auto Show and what great creations you could have come across. These cars have proven to be one of the most sustainable and thus affordable in the long-term.

10th Place took the aggressive in looks Hyundai HCD-14
9th Place took the elegant German Mercedes-Benz CLA
8th Place took the real novelty this year – Infiniti Q50
7th Place took the concept from Ford – Ford F-150 concept
6th Place took the green, but furious Toyota Furia
5th Place took the new and fairly un-known plug-in hybrid model of VIA Motors
4th Place took the big and futuristic Cadillac ELR
3rd Place took the first big car in this ranking – Honda urban SUV concept
2nd Place took the already familiar Nissan LEAF 2013 model
1st Place took the fresh and new Lexus IS hybrid

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