Top 10 Mass-Produced Cars under $100,000

February 9, 2013 at 15:33

Today we would like to provide you an overview of the top ten cars that are dated with the year 2013 and that are priced under $100,000. The ten cars that fit this profile are first of all great models are that available for everybody, as they are offered openly on the market, but would also cover a wider range of the cars offered, that is why the price range was so much extended to the $100,000. These ten cars are said to be the best for the year 2013, even though coming from different styles and categories. Therefore let’s see this top 10 list!

10th Place took the Volkswagen GTI with the price of $23,995
9th Place took the Chevy Corvette 427 convertible with the price of $75,925
8th Place took the Mini John Cooper Works GP with the price of $39,950
7th Place took the Subaru BRZ with the price of $25,495
6th Place took the Chevy Camaro ZL1 convertible with the price of $59,545
5th Place took the Tesla Model S with the price of $58,570
4th Place took the Audi RS5 with the price of $68,900
3rd Place took the Porsche Cayman S with the price of $63,800
2nd Place took the SRT Viper with the price of $97,395
1st Place took the Ford Focus ST with the price of $23,700

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