Top 5 best Consumer Electronics Show concepts

September 3, 2016 at 12:26

Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in the first place is an exhibition of technology, but this year car manufacturers have combined the event with the presentation the most diverse and innovative concept cars.
Let’s see the top list of the best concepts of the Exhibition!

Kia Drive Wise picture

Kia Drive Wise pics

The first place takes Kia Drive Wise

Rinspeed Etos pics

Rinspeed Etos picture

Second place takes Rinspeed Etos

Volkswagen Budd-e pics

Volkswagen Budd-e picture

Third place takes Volkswagen Budd-e

Volkswagen e-Golf picture

Volkswagen e-Golf pics

Fourth place takes Volkswagen e-Golf

FFZERO1 pics

FFZERO1 picture

Fifth place takes FFZERO1