Top 5 Multipurpose Vehicles

November 29, 2012 at 09:22

We are coming to the fact that busy city life needs a more compact car. But what can be done if you have a big family and usually travel together, or happen to work in almost the same direction, then you need to arrange your whole-family traveling at a time. Or if you would like to have a family-reunion over the weekend at a picturesque place a little outside from the city rushing life, then you for sure need some more space in the car. New compacts, which are becoming increasingly popular, are not the solution for bigger families. Therefore we would like to look top five car models from the multipurpose vehicles market segment. Let’s see which five models can be named the best and you for sure order one of these for you big family!

5th Place took the spacious and very interesting in the interior design Nissan Note
4th Place took the conceptual in its exterior Citro?n C3 Picasso model
3rd Place took the Mercedes-Benz B-Class – the bigger model than A-Class, but a reall classic MPV
2nd Place took the really interesting vehicle with rear-opening back doors – Vauxhall Meriva
1st Place took the model with great engaging drive – new 2012 Ford C-Max

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