10 most expensive car brands in the world Part II

January 7, 2015 at 20:00

5. Honda – 22, 15 billion dollars
The company Honda – is a good example of the superiority of the Japanese manufacturer in the world market. It is the headquarters of the seventh world producer of cars in Tokyo. The brand is estimated at 22 to 15 billion dollars.

2015 Honda NSX pics

2015 Honda NSX picture

4. Mercedes-Benz – 24, $ 17 billion

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG pics

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG picture

Brand of Mercedes-Benz is estimated at 24.17 billion dollars. German Daimler AG has the brand Mercedes-Benz, which is considered the 13th largest producer in the world.

Volkswagen 2015 CrossBlue pics

Volkswagen 2015 CrossBlue pciture

3. Volkswagen – 27, 06 billion dollars
Volkswagen is the most recognized brand in the world, because its products are widely represented in the markets of Europe, North America and Asia. Since last year it sold 8,576,964 vehicles, it is the third largest in the world. The company’s brand is estimated at 27, 06 billion dollars.

BMW 6-series  pics

BMW 6-series picture

2. BMW – 28, 96 billion dollars
The brand’s most expensive German car company, founded in 1919, is estimated at 28, 96 billion dollars. Its headquarters are located in Munich. The company owns the brand Rolls-Royce, which produces motorcycles and sports cars for the “Formula 1″.

Toyota Corolla pics

Toyota Corolla picture

1.Toyota – 34, $ 9 billion
Toyota Company with a capital of 34.9 billion dollars – the world’s leading car manufacturers. It produces cars under the brand Toyota, Lexus and Scion, commercial vehicles under the brand Hino, and will soon start producing electric vehicles under the brand name Ranz. Over the past decade, Toyota has strengthened its leadership in the global market and is not going to take the position, constantly improving technology of the future.

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