The most expensive police cars in the world Part I

February 21, 2015 at 21:07

Most of the cars presented in this review, are hardly accessible for ordinary citizens. However, the police can afford them. After all, you need to also make sure that it will look like the car in the rearview mirror car criminal.

12. Nissan GT-R in the United Arab Emirates: $ 100,000

Abu Dhabi added powerful machine in the number of police officers in 2009. However, this delightful model power 485 horsepower used solely for demonstration activities and not for everyday activities.

Nissan GT-R picture

Nissan GT-R pics

11. Porsche Panamera in Qatar: $ 175,000

Porsche Panamera picture

Porsche Panamera pics

In 2011, during the parade, timed to the national holiday in Qatar, the police submitted a total Ferris entire fleet of luxury sedans produced in Germany.

10. Bentley Continental GT in the UAE: $ 200,000

Bentley Continental GT picture

Bentley Continental GT pics

This list is far from Dubai appears once. Many will say that the local police simply squanders money, acquiring and demonstrating the most fashionable and simple luxury cars, for example, Bentley Continental GT worth $ 200,000 Here is sure to have something to brag about. It has 12-cylinder W-shaped engine with volume of 6 liters and a power of 575 hp. Fuel consumption of 16.5 l / 100 km.

9. Mercedes Benz SLS AMG in the UAE: $ 200,000

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG picture

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG pics

Maybe for someone in a police car chase worth $ 200,000 and would be a problem, but not for Dubai! Sports car equipped with a 6.2-liter V8 M159, developing capacity 571 hp.

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