Top 10 Cars in Lower-Income Countries

February 13, 2013 at 19:31

Today we are going to look at the top ten cars that appear to be the most popular in the countries with certain economic down-turns, we have referred to them as the lower-income countries, but we are not going to relate to the official economic definition about this term, we will just look at the overall situation on the auto market of the countries that do not usually come up in the economic overviews of the Western European countries, so do not feel humiliated if you come from this country, we just want to show what cars are chosen by the people there. In some of those countries you can pick the Czech Republic, Romania, Moldova, Serbia and other countries, usually located to the east side of Europe.

10th Place took the quite affordable model of Skoda Octavia
9th Place took the Volkswagen Passat
8th Place took the another Volkswagen model – Polo
7th Place took the old but safe Renault Logan
6th Place took the more profound Kia Rio
5th Place took the Fiat Punto
4th Place took the Honda Civic
3rd Place took the Toyota Corolla
2nd Place took the Opel Vectra
1st Place took the other great German model of Opel Astra

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