Top 5 affordable cars of this year

July 12, 2016 at 00:15

When you begin to start your career on the way to becoming a millionaire, you are trying to save on everything. The need for a car is as the permanent as well as the air. But how choose a car that you can afford? We have a list of best affordable cars for you.

Volvo V40 picture

Volvo V40 pics

The first place takes Volvo V40

Alfa Romeo MiTo pics

Alfa Romeo MiTo pictre

Second place takes Alfa Romeo MiTo

Citroen DS3 picture

Citroen DS3 pics

Third place takes Citroen DS3

Honda Civic pics

Honda Civic picture

Fourth place takes Honda Civic

Mercedes-Benz A180 picture

Mercedes-Benz A180 pics

Fifth place takes Mercedes-Benz A180

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