Top 5 beautiful and inexpensive cars

October 27, 2016 at 00:40

Selection of a car is not easy, especially when you want something beautiful and high quality but with a limited budget.

Mazda 3 picture

Mazda 3 pics

Mazda 3
Designers managed to achieve perfection. Style Soul of Motion looks very good as sedans and hatchbacks in the company.

Honda Civic Coupe picture

Honda Civic Coupe pics

Honda Civic Coupe
When it comes to cars, the two doors always look better than four. Designers have more room for creativity, if they do not need to bother with the rear doors. A perfect example of this is Honda Civic Coupe.

Ford Fiesta pics

Ford Fiesta picture

Ford Fiesta
Designers can be difficult to work with compact cars, but they are well equipped with the Ford Fiesta.

Fiat 500 pics

Fiat 500 picture

Fiat 500
This car in retro style is perfect to move the downloaded urban traffic.

Chevrolet Cruze picture

Chevrolet Cruze pics

Chevrolet Cruze
This car is very reliable and convenient everyday transport with elegant design and performance that far exceeds the expectations for cars in this price range.

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