Top 5 best small car 2015

July 13, 2016 at 12:09

Currently, the demand for small fuel-efficient cars and supermini cars, as they are called in the West, is constantly growing, so the Giants of automotive industry increasingly focus their efforts precisely on this segment. And for several reasons: efficiency, low emissions and practicality.

Renault Clio picture

Renault Clio pics

The first place takes Renault Clio

Fiat 500 pics

Fiat 500 picture

Second place takes Fiat 500

Peugeot 208 picture

Peugeot 208 pics

Third place takes Peugeot 208

Volkswagen Polo pics

Volkswagen Polo picture

Fourth place takes Volkswagen Polo

Suzuki Swift picture

Suzuki Swift pics

Fifth place takes Suzuki Swift