Top 5 Most Expensive Cars

October 12, 2016 at 21:03

Most people dream to ride on a beautiful, comfortable, high-quality and fast cars. But this still need to find. Do not worry, we’ve done all the tedious work for you and offer a look at our ranking of the most expensive cars in the world.

Maybach Landaulet picture

Maybach Landaulet pics

The first place takes Maybach Landaulet
You can find there everything you can imagine for $1 400 000

Pagani Huayra pics

Pagani Huayra picture

Second place takes Pagani Huayra
And here we come to cars, whose value exceeded one million. This copy is for $1 300 000.

SSC Tuatara pics

SSC Tuatara picture

Third place takes SSC Tuatara
Discuss the design of this car we do not, it’s a matter of taste. Suffice it to say that it accelerates up to a hundred in 2.5 seconds. Tuatara’s price is $ 970,000.

Hennessey Venom GT pics

Hennessey Venom GT picture

Fourth place takes Hennessey Venom GT
At this point in the real world, this masterpiece has 5 people, but in the magical world of Need for Speed, each of us can experience the power of the Hennessey Venom GT. Should the car 950 000 for the coupe and 1.1 million for the convertible.

Porsche 918 Spyder picture

Porsche 918 Spyder pics

Fifth place takes Porsche 918 Spyder
This cute little spider is just for $ 845,000.