Top 5 most remarkable SUVs in the world

April 16, 2015 at 12:35

Bentley has released images of its new car, which will be available in 2016 and will be the most expensive SUV in the world. Today we tell about the five most notable in the different categories of crossovers – from the smallest to the largest, from the cheapest to most expensive.
And we start our story with the already mentioned above SUV from Bentley. This car is based on the idea a few years ago the concept car EXP 9 F, which was very ambiguous perceived criticism. But, it seems that manufacturers have found the strength and opportunity to correct its deficiencies and create a really good crossover class “luxury”, which will become a status item for the world’s richest people.

Bentley EXP 9 F picture

Bentley EXP 9 F pics

SUV Knight XV – a machine for those who are not afraid of gossip and ridicule from others. The fact that it is the world’s largest serial SUV. Its length is almost 6 meters and displacement – 6.7 liters.

Knight XV pics

Knight XV picture

And the world’s smallest SUV, unless you consider models for children, it is believed the car Suzuki Jimny, first released in 1970 and extant.

Pontiac Aztek picture

Pontiac Aztek pics

Pontiac Aztek – the ugliest in the world of SUV. Pontiac Aztek – it’s a real failure of the legendary Pontiac. Manufacturer felt that he issued an unusual family SUV for rural residents and lovers go on nature.

Mobius One picture

Mobius One pics

Mobius One – the world’s cheapest SUV. We began our review with the most expensive SUV on the planet, and finish the cheapest. It shall be the car Mobius One, produced in Kenya by the British-based company Mobius Motors.

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