Top 5 safest cars in the world: Presidents’ cars

October 19, 2016 at 12:03

Let’s look at top 5 the safest cars of today’s presidents

Francois Oland, France, Citroen DS5
After retiring from the post of head of state Nicolas Sarkozy gave way and the first car in France. If the previous leader of the Republic chose the Renault brand, the current president Francois Oland has returned to the post brand Citroen.

Citroen DS5 picture

Citroen DS5 pics

Angela Merkel, Germany, Audi A8L Security

Audi A8L Security pics

Audi A8L Security picture

Merkel opted for the brand Audi, appointed to an important post elongated sedan A8L. The car also has no special frills. Only need to say that it is fully armored.

FAW Hong Qi HQE picture

FAW Hong Qi HQE pics

Xi Jinping, China, FAW Hong Qi HQE

When it comes to the leaders of the Chinese government, then go on “imported” cars is considered not only bad form, but also in general business illegal.

Mercedes S600 Pullman pics

Mercedes S600 Pullman picture

Vladimir Putin, Russian, Mercedes S600 Pullman
As for Russia, Putin did not hesitate to use foreign cars, especially because Russian Federation has no decent replacement in the automotive industry.

Cadillac The Beast picture

Cadillac The Beast pics

Barack Obama, US, Cadillac The Beast
The US president is not allowed to independently control the vehicle and he use a specially prepared vehicle secret service, which was also traveling with him, and the world in the case of foreign trips. Now his official car is a Cadillac, nicknamed The Beast.