Top 5 the most expensive limousines

December 12, 2014 at 18:35

Sultan Brunei Limousine Rolls Royce Silver Spur: $ 14 million
During the 1990s, the family of the Sultan bought all sold in the world Rolls-Royces. For the wedding ceremony of the Sultan was chosen specially designed car Rolls Royce Silver Spur, which was embellished with golden decor of pure 24-carat gold. The cost of a limousine is $ 14 million.

Rolls Royce Silver Spur pics

Rolls Royce Silver Spur picture

Limousine Batmobile: 4,2 million
Car worth 4.2 million dollars was built in 2012 and equipped with all the options that can be seen in the car of Batman on screen, including a grenade launcher, rocket launcher and the ability to reset the front and rear wheels. The limousine is equipped with a V-8 jet-engine Corvette.

Batmobile Limousine pics

Batmobile Limousine picture

Limousine The American Dream: $ 4 million

The American Dream Limousine pics

The American Dream Limousine picture

The American Dream Limousine worth $ 4 million belongs collector Jay Orberger. The world’s longest limousine, length 30 m, equipped with 26 wheels. In the mansion on wheels has a Jacuzzi, sunbathing area, swimming pool, large beds and a helicopter landing pad.

Rolls Royce Phantom pics

Rolls Royce Phantom picture

Limousine Rolls Royce Phantom: 3,8 million dollars
Limousine is used as a vehicle of one of the president’s authority over the world, such as in China sold for 3.8 million dollars.

The Beast limousine pics

The Beast limousine picture

Limousine The Beast: $ 3 million
Limousine The Beast can be considered a classic but elegant tank. Since it was purchased for the needs of the US President, it is natural body armored and can withstand a hit from an RPG shell.

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