Best Cars for People who Like Green Color

March 29, 2013 at 13:23

Green is the color of nature, life itself and spring. The most “natural” color mesmerizing balance of warmth and coolness, and “green” people are often confident and balanced in nature. They are hardworking citizens, caring parents, caring neighbors – legible, kind and generous people. If you prefer green, it means you are afraid of foreign influence; look for ways to assert yourself, as it is for you quite vital. You are smart and understand new ideas and are ready to accept other people’s opinion. On the other hand, you rarely will agree to take a chance and try something new where you can go to a proven, conventional way.

2013 Ford Fiesta

2013 Ford Fiesta Photo

So let’s see what we can suggest for such people. First of all what about new 2013 Ford Fiesta? This car is a great vehicle in terms of performance and also handling. It will be a great and reliable companion in your everyday life!

2013 Seat Ibiza

2013 Seat Ibiza Photo

The other suggestion will be the 2013 Seat Ibiza. This small car is a perfect city crossover; it will offer you a great utility and perfect ride. It is maneuverable and offers great comfortable ride! Just perfect!

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