5 classic designs that would look nice on the modern car

December 2, 2014 at 16:01

Modern cars – storehouse of innovative technological solutions. But it is believed that with the advent of technologies from the world of machines out individuality and unique shape of each car. Perhaps that is why many people prefer the classic car. In our review there are 5 classic design features of the car, which undeservedly forgotten.

Vintage visible rivets pics

Vintage visible rivets picture

Vintage visible rivets
There is something special about the look of the rivets on the bare metal. When you look at this car, you realize that it did real people, and not soulless robots.

Leather in the exterior of the car pics

Leather in the exterior of the car picture

Leather in the exterior of the car
Leather – a recognized material for luxury car interiors, but of course it is almost never used on the outside of the vehicle. It is worth noting that over the years, the skin becomes more beautiful in appearance and noble, unlike rubber, which cracks. Experts believe that this material could be used for exterior decoration of luxury cars.

Mesh grille on the headlights pics

Mesh grille on the headlights picture

Mesh grille on the headlights
Today, car headlights are made of tempered glass, but those who wish to take part in the rally, be sure to put on the grid lights to avoid being smashed random stone. Of course, such a grid is not suitable for all modern cars, the headlight design which is quite bizarre and futuristic. However, for many modern cars, especially if they often go out of the city, such lattices are simply irreplaceable.

Analog dashboard pics

Analog dashboard picture

Analog dashboard
LED screens are great for many things. They provide the driver a lot of data and navigation information, and the information is provided in an easy to read bright color. Now analog devices in cars are almost extinct, at least in the segment of luxury cars. But as watches at a disadvantage in comparison with fine Swiss chronometer thoughtful and classic panel car looks more refined.

"Pop-up" headlights pics

"Pop-up" headlights picture

“Pop-up” headlights
The era of the pop-up headlights ended, rather, because of safety concerns, rather than because of an outdated design. Pop-up headlights sharp edges when they are in a raised position, in the case of a collision with a pedestrian car, multiplies the risk of injury, and because of this, manufacturers stopped using them. But suffice it to recall all vehicles in the pop-up headlights, to understand that they would be appropriate in many modern models.