Alternative Opel: the most interesting concept cars Part I

January 19, 2015 at 17:32

January 21, 1862 the company was founded Opel, and in 1899 she has already released his first car. On this day began the history of one of Germany’s largest automakers, which had a lot of successes and failures, popular cars and unusual concept cars. Today we tell about a few experimental cars Opel, and not running in production.

Opel Electro GT – the fastest electric car 70

On this car, which appeared in 1968, set a record speed for cars with electric engine – 188 kilometers per hour in 1971.

Opel Electro GT pics

Opel Electro GT picture

Opel Twin – almost a hybrid car

Opel Twin pics

Opel Twin picture

Concept car Opel Twin, introduced in 1992, became one of the first hybrid cars from this German brand. However, to modern hybrids he had a very distant relationship. After all, at the heart of the car lay precisely the electric motor, whereby Opel Twin could drive a couple of tens of kilometers on a single battery charge.

Opel Maxx – car designer

Opel Maxx pics

Opel Maxx picture

The owner could put instead of aluminum doors and roof transparent panels, to turn back row of seats in the cargo bay, and sometimes even increase or decrease the size of cars, ranging from his two-seater variant to six persons.

Opel Trixx – the perfect city car

Opel Trixx pics

Opel Trixx picture

Concept car Opel Trixx was designed for those people who can not imagine a life outside of the bustling metropolis.