Alternative Opel: the most interesting concept cars Part II

January 21, 2015 at 17:27

Opel Flextreme GT / E – a car with two engines

Opel Flextreme GT / E – is another car from Opel, which was supposed to have with two engines: electric and gasoline. In the first form of this motor car could travel up to 50 kilometers, while the second – up to 500.

Opel Flextreme GT / E pics

Opel Flextreme GT / E picture

Opel RAK e – car for 1 euro

Opel RAK e pics

Opel RAK e picture

The first name of the concept car Opel RAK e, according to car makers, was One Euro Car. But 1 euro – it does not cost the car and drive a hundred miles on it. This striking result was achieved due to the small size of cars, light-weight body (just 380 kilograms) and the electric motor.
Sign in Opel RAK e is possible only through the top, pushing before it a spherical windshield. Moreover, it is absolutely necessary to make hands-free – electric car could run on a smartphone.

Sailing the Opel Icon

Opel Icon pics

Opel Icon picture

Opel Icona – this is a real amphibious vehicle. After all, he can move both on land and on water. For the latter, it has a sail, with which it will be possible to catch the wind to move forward, as well as the sun’s rays to charge the batteries.

Opel Monza – car-sculpture

Opel Monza pics

Opel Monza picture

The creators of the concept car Opel Monza do not hesitate to compare themselves with sculptors who created not just a car, but a work of art with ideal proportions and shapes. The main feature of this machine, in addition to its incredible beauty, are doors that open sideways and upwards, giving Opel Monza not even sail, as in the case of Opel Icona, and wings!