The coolest cars of Hollywood part I

January 31, 2015 at 14:26

Around Hollywood there are many scandals today.
One does not like that the company is only filming TV series, their sequels, remixes of old movies – nothing new.
Others do not like that the screen is a lot of action movies with explosions and loud noise.
A third are satisfied But one thing is for sure, every film released Hollywood director – is a television advertisement for cars.
We offer an overview of the cars that were remembered many viewers.

Car “Munster Family” 1964

Car Munster Family 1964 pics

Car Munster Family 1964 picture

Munster car – another creation of Customs Burris, author Batmobile 1966. It does not have a streamlined body, nor steep exterior, but it looks beautiful. The case itself is made up of three Models T Ford, the engine is installed on the 289 Cobra sports car First it was worth 18,000 dollars, and now 130,000

Batmobile – TV series “Batman” 1966-1968

Batmobile pics

Batmobile picture

Normal Ford Lincoln Futura was upgraded George Burris, the man who created almost all known cars of Hollywood movies Vehicles purchased from Ford for $ 1, and spent 3 weeks at modernization He had already had some elements resembling a bat, and now just had a technical revision and TV design.

Car Mack 5 – “Speed Racer” 1967

 Car Mack 5 pics

Car Mack 5 picture

There were several options for Mac 5 in the number of versions of “Speed Racer” in the film and TV series. The original car had a steeper characteristics than the TV copy: underwater mode “frog”, night vision, high beam and a special screen on the front glass, which allows the driver to see in infrared light.