The coolest cars of Hollywood part II

February 1, 2015 at 14:27

Ford Gran Torino 1975/79 – “Starsky and Hutch” 1975

Not only the stars, which played in the movie, have nicknames, but also at the car nicknamed “Striped Tomato” because of the unusual color, had a successful career.
It became the most heritable fans of Hollywood cars.
Over time, the film changed models – from model 1975 to 1976 model, but the model 1974 Gran Torinos never changed its form and used in scenes where the car is stationary.
The original Gran Torinos, who starred in the film, was sold for 40,000 dollars.

Ford Gran Torino pics

Ford Gran Torino picture

Machine Frankenstein – “Death Race 2000″ 1975

Machine Frankenstein pics

Machine Frankenstein picture

This is a special machine, as most do not know Roger Corman, the predecessor Jason Statham or Danny Trejo in the movie “Death Race.” Events of the film take place in the future shineth not; yea, where the characters are preparing for a deadly race in the country, where murder is encouraged rivals. Frankenstein – one of the strongest contenders. The car is designed by Dick Dean, known as Shala Vette In 2010, the original model was sold for 14,000 dollars.

Car “Interceptor” – “Mad Max” 1979

Mad Max Interceptor pics

Mad Max Interceptor picture

Unlike almost all the Hollywood machinery, which were up for the first film “Mad Max” was made only on the basis of one Interceptor Ford XB GT Falcon Coupe 1973. Fiscal copy was made for 45,000 Australian dollars (41 948.55 US dollars), and the second film “The Road Warrior” – for 50,000 Australian dollars (46 US $ 604.25)