The coolest cars of Hollywood part III

February 3, 2015 at 14:35

Car General Lee – “The Dukes of Hazzard” 1979

The car is not equipped with features such as previous instances, except for the disc player.
It’s just a regular Dodge Charger, but interesting colors.
During the filming suffered many copies General Lee because of jumps.
In the end, the reserves Charger 1968-1970 Ford’s dried up, the crew was forced to replace the machine jumps pictures taken earlier.

Car General Lee pics

Car General Lee picture

Car KITT – “Knight Rider” 1982

Car KITT pcs

Car KITT picture

KITT, the modified model of the original car Pontiac Trans Am 1982 is equipped with artificial intelligence and autonomous computer chip, the brain of the machine. He could climb mountains with a hook, was equipped with flamethrowers and rocket launchers, and some versions even shoot lasers.
Its production cost of 11 million dollars, but one of the four copies was sold in 2007 for 150,000 dollars.

Ecto-1 – “Ghostbusters” 1984

Ecto-1 pics

Ecto-1 picture

Before the upgrade, the hero of the film made Reyem station (actor Dan Aykroyd), Cadillac Miller Meteor 1959 was something similar to the ambulance or hearse A little paint, equipment for catching ghosts and cars turning into a steep Hollywood artifact. It’s hard to imagine fans riding on this car through the streets. Yet there was one that 28 000 dollars upgraded Cadillac, bought for just 2,500 dollars.