The coolest cars of Hollywood part IV

February 5, 2015 at 15:32

DeLorean car – “Back to the Future” 1985

This is one of the most interesting and recognizable cars in the history of cinema. It can hardly be called the epitome of beauty, it concerns the interior and exterior, but an unusual alloy and streaming did drive the coolest car.
Despite the unattractive appearance it was a demand, and in the US today, there are about 6500 pieces.
Model, similar to the “Time Machine” from Coulombe Enterprises, can be purchased for 65,000 – 95,000 dollars.

DeLorean car pics

DeLorean car picture

Ferrari father Cameron – “Day off Ferris Biller” 1986

Ferrari father Cameron pics

Ferrari father Cameron picture

Perhaps the car Ferrari 250 GT California in 1961 and planned to shoot a movie, but it turned out that he was the father machine Cameron in the movie “Day Off Ferris Biller.”
Ferrari – an expensive car, while it was worth 350,000 dollars, and the crew was filming it only when it is necessary. In those episodes, when the car is going to fall out of the window and flips made copies Today, the price of the car to 10 million dollars.

Car “Acrobat” – “Batman Begins” 2005

Car Acrobat pics

Car Acrobat picture

Never this car is not called the “Batmobile” only “Acrobat”. Despite the design of the case, which is completely delivered him from the streamlining of all kinds “Batmobile”, it is beautiful in its own way And yet he is able to transform into a motorcycle!

Car stuntman Mike – “Death Proof” 2007

Car stuntman Mike (played by Kurt Russell) was based on the Chevrolet Nova in 1971 with a cool logo on the hood But to become a Hollywood car is important not only appearance, but also the possibility of a car According to Mike, this car – “Death Proof,” which helps him to kill unsuspecting motorists, knocking cars on the road, without risk to themselves.