The most famous cars in the history of the world Part I

February 7, 2015 at 13:05

Every year, industry produces tens of millions of cars. Many of us never know about the existence of coming down the assembly line every day car, but there are some instances that go down in history thanks to the tragedy or historical events. About such vehicles will speak and contemporaries and descendants. We offer a review of only those who were of real famous people.

Cars Adolf Hitler, 770-K Mercedes-Benz

770-K Mercedes-Benz pics

770-K Mercedes-Benz picture

Some cars acquire fame or a bad reputation due to the fact that they have become members of the great historical events or tragedies. In this case, the cars belonged to Hitler’s man with a bad reputation. The head of the Third Reich ordered more of the same large, armored cars, and almost all of them have survived to the present day. Perhaps the most famous of them is the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. It was captured by American soldiers at the end of the Second World War, was in the possession of many people since then and got to the museum in 1970, where he remains today.

770-K Mercedes-Benz pics

770-K Mercedes-Benz image

The second car was presented to Hitler General Gustaf Mannerheim as a sign of the Finnish-German cooperation. Mannerheim never been an ardent supporter of fascism and therefore sent a car to the garage in Sweden and forgot about it forever. Swedes have sold the car American industrialist in 1948, which used it for charity to raise money. The third car is in the Technology Museum in Sinsheim in Germany, and others – in private collections of millionaires.