The most famous cars in the history of the world Part II

February 9, 2015 at 13:40

Car Ford Model 730 Deluxe Sedan, owned by Bonnie and Clyde in 1934

Bit offenders entered the history, and among them are bank robbers Bonnie Parker and the legendary Clyde Barrow, who acted during the Great Depression. They were killed in a car Ford V8. In May 1934, near the town of Bienville, Louisiana caught a couple of police officers and shot on the spot, without giving opportunity to escape. It is estimated that they were fired 160 bullets. Stitched bullets car has become an icon for the gangsters at the time and for decades exhibited numerous owners until the car in 1988 was not sold to Primm Valley Resort and Casino, Nevada, for 250 000 dollars. According to his Internet company resold Terrible’s Casino in Nevada and now put in one of the casinos, presumably Saint Joseph, Missouri.

Ford Model 730 Deluxe pics

Ford Model 730 Deluxe picture

Car Mercedes-Benz W140, which killed Diana Spencer (Lady Di)

Mercedes-Benz W140 pics

Mercedes-Benz W140 picture

A modern fairy tale about the princess ended tragically. The world was shocked when the August 31, 1997 Lady Diana Spencer, the former wife of the Prince of Wales, Charles, a potential Queen of England, died in a terrible car accident on the streets of Paris. According to official sources in the car, which at high speed, running away from the paparazzi, crashed into a cement footing, Diana was with her friend Dodi Fayed billionaire and two men.

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