The most famous cars in the history of the world Part III

February 11, 2015 at 13:42

City bus №2857 General Motors TDH-3610 in 1948 and Rosa Parks

In December 1955 a 42-year-old African-American Rosa Park, a resident of Alabama, refused to give way to the bus and a white woman, was arrested by the police. She could not think that this act will grow into a struggle of African Americans for the rights and freedoms in the 60s. The bus continued to work until 1970, after which it was purchased by a gentleman who used it to store tools in his yard.

General Motors TDH-3610 pics

General Motors TDH-3610 picture

Convertible Ford Lincoln in 1961, which killed President John F. Kennedy

In November 1963, while in the limo, was shot and killed President John F. Kennedy on the streets of Dallas, Texas. After a tragic accident suffered a car repair, including the installation of durable and reliable roof, as a result, he became a little similar to the one what was then outside of Dallas.

Ford Lincoln in 1961 pics

Ford Lincoln in 1961 picture

It continued to be used until 1977, when it was exhibited in the Henry Ford Museum, Michigan. Since the car is practically similar to the one that witnesses saw at the time of the attack on the president, many museum visitors pass by without realizing the historical role of the exhibit.

Car Franz Ferdinand, Graf and Stift Double Phaeton 1911

Graf and Stift Double Phaeton 1911 pics

Graf and Stift Double Phaeton 1911 picture

The car became a member of one of the most momentous tragedies in the history of the 20th century. It was specially built for the royals car during the assassination in Sarajevo in July 1914 was the Archduke of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Franz Ferdinand and his wife. Since that period in Serbia was tense political situation, the death of Archduke has prompted the uprising of nationalist activists against the local authorities, and then the war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia, which grew into the First World War. Germany declared war on Russia, but against Germany by France and England. The war killed 16 million people.

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