Top 10 Cars above with the price $50,000

January 20, 2013 at 11:32

Expensive cars always have that something in them that makes common consumers want them and admire every single line about them. The fact is that in our minds when the price is set higher we expect a lot more about the cars. Therefore today we decided to make such a post in which we will feature expensive cars, but that appear to have their prices justifiable and therefore offer a great value and utility to the customer. These top ten cars are priced between $50,000 and up to the price of $70,000. Let’s see which car models seem to be expensive but also valuable as an offering.

10th Place took the 2013 year model of Audi Q7 with the price $51,450
9th Place took the turbocharged BMW ActiveHybrid 5 with the price $ 60,950
8th Place took the 2013 Acura MDX with the price $ 52,655
7th Place took the 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 with the price $53,810
6th Place took the 2013 Infiniti FX50 with the price $59,800
5th Place took the 2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class with the price $58,930
4th Place took the 2013 Porsche Boxster with the price $58,600
3rd Place took the 2013 BMW 3-Series with the price $60,800
2nd Place took the 2013 Porsche Cayenne with the price $51,850
1st Place took the 2013 Mercedes-Benz E-Class with the price $50,490

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