Top 10 vintage children’s pedal cars Part I

February 17, 2015 at 12:06

Probably every child dreams about the car in which it would be able to ride as an adult. Appearing, children’s car for a long time remained the prerogative of wealthy parents. Recently passed an auction in which children were exposed to 70 pedal vintage vehicles. We will tell you about the most interesting models.

Shelby Super Snake Cobra

One of the most unique auction items in Scottsdale (USA) became the cards Shelby Super Snake Cobra, built in half natural size. Card was created by restorers of McLaren and features a 150-cc engine, electric start, leather interior, fully functional lighting, original instruments from Shelby, as well as opening the hood and passenger door. Card was sold for $ 28,750.

Shelby Super Snake Cobra picture

Shelby Super Snake Cobra pics

Cadillac Toledo 1924

Cadillac Toledo 1924 picture

Cadillac Toledo 1924 pics

The restored copy of the pedal Cadillac Toledo 1924 dimensions 183h81h107 see sold for $ 21,850.

Buick 1933

Buick 1933 picture

Buick 1933 pics

Pedal car, replicating in miniature 1933 Buick, was restored by McLaren Classic Restoration and sold for $ 19 550. Buick has spring suspension, nine working headlights and bulbs, soft seat of genuine ostrich leather and engraved silver bandwagon.

Pioneer Roadster 1939

Pioneer Roadster 1939 picture

Pioneer Roadster 1939 pics

Red foot 1939 Pioneer Roadster size 110h55h50 see was restored McLaren Classic Restoration and sold for $ 16,675.