Top 5 brilliant Chinese copies of popular vehicles, which can become profitable acquisition

August 1, 2015 at 11:40

Why do we have to spend time and money for the design of the original car, if we may borrow ideas from the already proven popular brands, decided Chinese automakers? In our review of the 5 most successful Chinese copies of popular cars.

Huanghai Plutus picture

Huanghai Plutus pics

Huanghai Plutus (Original: Chevrolet Colorado)
Of course, there are some subtle differences between Huanghai Plutus and Chevrolet Colorado), but you need to be an expert model Colorado, to discover them. And if you remove the icon Huanghai, even the expert is no different in appearance two cars.

BAIC B80VJ pics

BAIC B80VJ picture

BAIC B80VJ (Original: Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen, grille on the Jeep)
BAIC makes this SUV a joint venture with Mercedes. In addition to G-Wagen in China also issued a model C-class.

Chery QQ picture

Chery QQ pics

Chery QQ (Original: Daewoo Matiz / Chevrolet Spark)
The design was copied so precisely that the doors of the Matiz are completely suitable for the QQ.

Shuanguan SCEO pics

Shuanguan SCEO picture

Shuanguan SCEO (Original: Honda CRV, BMW X5)
The front of the car looks exactly like the Honda CR-V, as in the rest of the car did not distinguishable from the X5.

Geely GE picture

Geely GE pics

Geely GE (Original: Rolls-Royce Phantom)
If you copy something, then copy the best. That is how the company has decided to Geely, copying legendary British cars.

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