Top 5 cars with incredibly attractive design, the purchase of which should be avoided

September 2, 2016 at 12:38

There are some vehicles that look like the best thing ever seen in your life! However, at the same time, sat behind the wheel of this car, there is a strictly opposite feeling that now it is necessary to manage the worst in his life. There is a top list of such cars below.

Dodge Dart picture

Dodge Dart pics

The first place takes Dodge Dart

Mercedes-Benz CLA pics

Mercedes-Benz CLA picture

Second place takes Mercedes-Benz CLA

Chevrolet Trax picture

Chevrolet Trax pics

Third place takes Chevrolet Trax

Chrysler 200 picture

Chrysler 200 pics

Fourth place takes Chrysler 200

Mitsubishi Evolution picture

Mitsubishi Evolution pics

Fifth place takes Mitsubishi Evolution