Top 5 crazy cars

December 14, 2014 at 18:35

In the 90s it seemed that all the polls in the world rushed to decorate their cars. It was even said that this kind of protest against society, when the machine becomes a means of transportation, and the subject of art. In Japan, began a new round of transformation. We offer a review of the original and beautiful Transformed vans.

Batman pics


Wings made of fiberglass, stunning coloring – such a van ride on the roads of Japan.

Donald Duck pics

Donald Duck picture

Donald Duck
Stunning orange color, detailed scenes from the cartoon Donald Duck and a huge van turned into a unique vehicle.

Bonby Nuts pics

Bonby Nuts picture

Bonby Nuts
Each transformation – an expression of the identity of the car.

Orange van with wings pics

Orange van with wings picture

Orange van with wings
This is a real commercial microwave oven, refrigerator, TV and a bed for long journeys. Well, let the door turned into wings.

Star Wars mobile pics

Star Wars mobile picture

Star Wars
Weng themed “Star Wars” looks amazing.