Top 5 most unusual cars for sale

November 30, 2014 at 21:53

Majesty Jaguar Daimler
This dark green Jaguar Daimler is special. The Queen of Great Britain was riding on it from 2001 to 2004, more than that – it was created especially for her, which confirms the console Majesty in the title. Queen operated the machine, so the front armrest provides a niche for handbags – by the way, the dream of many motorists.

Jaguar Daimler of the Queen of Great Britain  pics

Jaguar Daimler of the Queen of Great Britain picture

Yellow “Zaporozhets” -cabriolet
This bright yellow convertible was created to decorate the hall interior automotive electronics. From the original machine is left only the bottom. The body is made of carbon fiber using plaster molds; it was painted in bright yellow color three times to achieve an ideal result. Also there are lights from Porsche.

Yellow "Zaporozhets" -cabriolet pics

Yellow "Zaporozhets" -cabriolet picture

Pink Bentley
To make such a machine as a pink Bentley, you have to be Paris Hilton. Bentley was painted in the favorite color blondes at the factory in Crewe, so it’s not tuning, but just a factory work.

Pink Bentley picture

Pink Bentley pics

Live K.I.T.T.
Many people consider their cars as a friend, but what if your car would be able to talk? However, in the popular American television series, 1994 “Knight Rider,” the main character was a real dream car – chatty KITT with its own character and actions, for everyone else – Pontiac Trans Am.

Live K.I.T.T. pics

Live K.I.T.T. picture

Amphibious vehicle
A lot of people dream of a car that could be driven through water, even before there was a James Bond with his amphibious vehicle.

 Amphibious vehicle pics

Amphibious vehicle picture