Top 5 of the most terrible Chinese copies of famous cars

August 2, 2015 at 11:56

What can irate more than unsuccessful forgery of the Chinese market? Right! Unsuccessful fake copies of famous cars. Here is the top 5 of the losers.

Longer Yuelang X1 pics

Longer Yuelang X1 pciture

Longer Yuelang X1 (original – Range Rover Evoque)
Model Longer Yuelang X1, which is actually a copy of the Evoque (with the difference that the Chinese under the hood is an electric motor.

DFSK Loadhopper Window Van picture

DFSK Loadhopper Window Van pics

DFSK Loadhopper Window Van (Original: BMW 3-Series)
Design BMW recognizable from afar, and it appeals to many things. Apparently the Chinese also liked the design, otherwise why did they use cheap very characteristic radiator grille for their van?

Lifan 320 picture

Lifan 320 pcis

Lifan 320 (original: Mini Cooper)
Chinese company Lifan released the model 320. You can now buy almost identical copy of the Mini for only $ 6000.

Bamin pics

Bamin pictrue

Bamin (Original: Mercedes-Benz W123)
Bamin Automobile – carmaker, which is owned by the Chinese Army – issued a set of car W123s in the 1980s. These cars were practically clones of Mercedes.

Dongfeng Crazy Soldier picture

Dongfeng Crazy Soldier pics

Dongfeng Crazy Soldier (Original: Hummer H1)
The company Dongfeng copied Hummer, inventing for him sounding name «Crazy Soldier» (Mad soldiers).

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