Top 5 soccer player’s cars

November 26, 2014 at 14:44

Be a professional footballer is profitable. Salaries of the players of not even the most powerful clubs are much higher than the average salary in the country. And every player spends money as he wants to. Today there are 5 top soccer player’s cars for you.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Ferrari Enzo pics

Ferrari Enzo picture

The price of the supercar is one million dollars, and there are only 399 cars «Ferrari Enzo» in the world, the owner of one of which was Zlatan.

Jeep Wrangler pics

Jeep Wrangler picture

David Beckham
There is a huge number of cars Iin the collection of David Beckham, but one of them still stands. After moving to America, Becks has decided to buy a car, the look that screams of its American origins. Englishman did buy a «Hummer», but he chose the «Jeep Wrangler» – not the family, but very masculine car.

Nissan Figaro pics

Nissan Figaro picture

Thomas Vermaelen
Robin van Persie even when he was a player of “Arsenal” repeatedly offered to change the car to Thomas Vermaelen. However, Vermaelen disagreed: yet his «Nissan Figaro» though looks unattractive, but has a good story. This car was produced in 1991 only in Japan, but the Belgian took the time and money to find it in Britain.

Range Rover pics

Range Rover picture

Stephen Ireland
Ireland, maybe not such a football star, but in regard to his vehicle fleet, he would beet many others. For example, he bought a «Range Rover» and made it such a miracle by adding a little pink. Unfortunately, we could not find anything regarding supplies to Ireland emo subculture, so we assume it’s just another fad.

Mario Balotelli

Bentley pics

Bentley picture

And, of course, this list could not be Balotelli. Italian likes to spend money – including cars, which he had with the unenviable regularity fight.

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