Top 5 the most expensive wheels for lovers of luxury and style

June 9, 2016 at 12:50

This may sound strange, but sometimes “cool” wheels costs the same as a used car. Wheels can be considered as a hallmark of the car owner. It is an accessory, as well as watches or shoes that is a confirmation of the well-being and human taste. In our review we present you 5 most expensive wheels.

Vossen wheels picture

Vossen wheels pics

The first place takes Vossen. Vossen wheels have always been famous for their quality, elegant design and “openness”.

Ace Executive Black wheels pics

Ace Executive Black wheels picture

Second place takes Ace Executive Black. The price of Ace Executive Black is about 1 350 dollars apiece.

Dub wheels pics

Dub wheels picture

Third place takes Dub. They are characterized by solid construction and the use of aluminum alloy. It costs 1 770 dollars.

GFG wheels picture

GFG wheels pics

Fourth place takes GFG. Most often GFG wheels mounted on all sorts of exotic supercars. These wheels are most often mounted on all sorts of exotic supercars.

Lexani Forged wheels picture

Lexani Forged wheels pics

Fifth place takes Lexani Forged. This brand is well known and it often boast its futuristic design.

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