Top of most incredible of Arts on cars

December 10, 2014 at 15:00

Painted cars are nothing new. Ride through the streets of colorful cars that evoke admiration, envy or confusion. We offer an overview of automotive Arts, which will cause surprise, shock, and doubts about the adequacy of the owners. But the topic is so popular that it has issued a book, made films and opened a museum that introduces a new kind of art.
This is a really festival of cameras. That’s just all of them attached to the camper. It’s the original way to demonstrate a lifestyle.

cameras car pics

cameras car picture

This kind of advertising itself is stationery. Mercedes car is completely covered with pans.

pan car  pics

pan car picture

No child will not be able to go past of such a vehicle; it is covered with plastic toys. The most interesting is on the roof.

covered with plastic toys car pics

covered with plastic toys car picture

Unusual car that is sure to bring a smile on the face of everyone who passes by.

duck car pics

duck car picture

Rubber ducks of various sizes and colors will not leave anyone indifferent.

remote control car pics

remote control car picture

If you lost the remote control, you need to check to see whether it took away someone to decorate his car. Suddenly, one was not enough to complete the set.

Art Covered Car pics

Art Covered Car picture

One car – that’s great, but hundreds of machines in a garage – it’s cool. And it does not matter what they all are toys.

wine stoppers car pics

wine stoppers car picture

How much should you drink wine, to decorate your car with wine stoppers? Time to ride will not remain. If the plug is still remained, of which you can make a lot of useful things.