Top 10 Best Cars Worldwide

March 15, 2013 at 12:55

As you know, Geneva Motor Show is a great annual event that features great car from worldwide and very versatile and professional automakers. Though, as a part of this great automotive event, the Geneva contest of the best car worldwide “World Car of the Year” is also taking place at this location right after the event. Therefore let’s see what ten cars got into the top of this contest and the most importantly which one became the number one! We have not divided those by the classes and segments, as in such a way the interesting sparkle disappears!

10th Place took the compact model of the great and nice Mercedes-Benz A-Class
9th Place took the model of the Subaru BRZ
8th Place took the compact model of Volkswagen Golf
7th Place took the far more profound Porsche Boxster/Cayman
6th Place took the newly renowned super-car Toyota GT 86
5th Place took the another German car of Opel automaker – Opel Adam
4th Place took the last year winner Porsche 911
3rd Place took the super-fast and powerful Ferrari 458 Italia
2nd Place took the new affordable Mazda6
1st Place took the simply perfect Aston Martin Vanquish

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