Top 5 cars for producer

March 2, 2015 at 17:57

The time when the profession was born director is considered the second half of the XIX century. Prior to this, on the stage there was no single leader. Stage production could engage themselves actors or playwrights. Over time, the increased skill and professionalism of directors, developed the principles and skills of the profession and directors working today, not only on theater stages, but also on the set, various entertainment and social events.
Representatives of the profession director is really rare nowadays. One hesitates to become a producer. For specialists in this area there is a high demand among employers, so Filmmaker profession may be called a rare profession. As unique and rare must be a car. So, I present to you a selection of the coolest cars rare for a director.

Mercedes SLS AMG picture

Mercedes SLS AMG pics

The first place Mercedes SLS AMG

Mercedes-Benz E-Class picture

Mercedes-Benz E-Class pics

Second place Mercedes-Benz E-Class

BMW 507 picture

BMW 507 pics

Third place BMW 507

Lexus LF-LC Blue  picture

Lexus LF-LC Blue picss

Fourth place Lexus LF-LC Blue

Porsche Boxter picture

Porsche Boxter pics

Porsche Boxter

Fifth place Porsche Boxter

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