Top 5 cars that will help to goon the sale

December 30, 2014 at 18:51

Recently was held a so-called “Black Friday”, which inspires in people their worst qualities. To get a 50 percent discount on the toaster, it would seem sensible and cultured people are willing to work with their elbows, pushing “rivals” to break through to the store shelf. However, there are more civilized ways to be a winner. In our review there are cars that will win the race for the discount.

Exoskeleton Land Walker

Exoskeleton Land Walker pics

Exoskeleton Land Walker picture

It’s not the fastest vehicle in the list. The maximum speed of the exoskeleton Land Walker is just 1.5 km / h. But it can be used to scare all the competitors thanks to paired guns mounted on either side of the cab. However, on the exoskeleton will be difficult to get in the door of the store.

Lumeneo Smera

Lumeneo Smera pics

Lumeneo Smera picture

This will be quite tactical decisions. Phenomenally low width of Lumeneo Smera allows zip on all cylinders right through the door and “cut” the way through the crowd.

Maybach Exelero fighter with a zombie

Maybach Exelero pics

Maybach Exelero picture

Designed to combat the zombies armed to the teeth Maybach Exelero concept can easily be used as a vehicle for “Black Friday.”

Jeep Hurricane

Jeep Hurricane pics

Jeep Hurricane picture

Remarkable ability of the Jeep to turn around its axis will easily pick the shortest route to the end point. And open cockpit makes it easy to grab items from the cab.

Fiat Panda 4 × 4

Fiat Panda 4 × 4 pics

Fiat Panda 4 × 4 picture

The recipe for success is simple – just press on Fiat Panda 4 × 4 all cars competitors. And while they are busy with calls to the insurance company, go to an empty shop with a sellout and choose what you need.

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