City Toyz: Top 4 Peugeot city vehicles of the future

April 6, 2015 at 14:28

On one of the Paris Motor Show, Peugeot unveiled a line of futuristic cars called City Toyz, equipped with unusual modules: a stroller built for shopping, instead of a joystick and rudder. Thus Peugeot designers showed their view on the future shape of urban vehicles.

 Peugeot vroomster picture

Peugeot vroomster pics

Four of the concept car: e-doll, bobslid, kart up and vroomster – have incredible combination of shapes, colors and technical features.

Peugeot bobslid image

Peugeot bobslid pics

Although the range of City Toys and looks as if designed for cheerful and optimistic teens, e-doll was created as a compact family car. It has two passenger seats that are in line with the driver, and is equipped with a sidecar for shopping, which makes the car an excellent vehicle for family shopping.

Peugeot e-doll pics

Peugeot e-doll image

Bobslid has a huge door-wing and joysticks to control the wheel pairs. Each wheel is equipped with ten 500-watt electric motors. In the back row has two passenger seats, one of which can be folded to make room for luggage.
The fastest car of the entire line, kart up equipped with V6 engine rated at 210 horsepower. It has a large windshield, behind which are two chairs: driver and passenger.

Peugeot kart up picture

Peugeot kart up pics

Concept car vroomster, more like a scooter than a car has a 110-hp engine, located between the legs of the passenger and panoramic windshield.