Heroes of airport: Top 5 of the most unusual cars

August 12, 2015 at 14:57

I bet you saw 100 times funny cars at the airport about the purpose of which were to guess. So today we’ll show you what this technique is.

Mallaghan CT8000 picture

Mallaghan CT8000 pics

Mallaghan CT8000
Load container with food in aircraft such as the Boeing 747 or Airbus A380 is not so easy. Therefore created Mallaghan CT8000 is special Autolifts that can lift up to 5.5 tons lift to a height of 8.4 meters.

Deicer pics

Deicer picture

Car, which is responsible for the removal of the frozen water and the treatment of special liquid that prevents

Van Hool AP2375 pics

Van Hool AP2375 picture

Van Hool AP2375
Van Hool AP2375 is the world’s largest airfield passenger bus.

Øveraasen TV 2000 picture

Øveraasen TV 2000 pics

Øveraasen TV 2000
It’s not just a car, but the most powerful and fastest in the world Snow machine. Øveraasen TV 2000 can in just one hour to drop 12 thousand tons of snow at a distance of 35-50 meters from the runway.

Rosenbauer Panther HRET 6x6 pics

Rosenbauer Panther HRET 6×6 picture

Rosenbauer Panther HRET 6×6
Superhigh-speed fire truck Rosenbauer Panther HRET 6×6, by the way, is equipped with a turret High Reach Extendable Turret, the expense of which is able to extinguish the fire, even in hard to reach areas of the aircraft, such as inside the passenger compartment.