Immortal cars: top 5 cars for an apocalypse

August 27, 2015 at 14:00

Nissan Patrol Y62
The sixth generation of Nissan Patrol is equipped with 5.6-liter gasoline engine producing 405 hp and fully independent suspension.

Nissan Patrol Y62 picture

Nissan Patrol Y62 pics

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler pics

Jeep Wrangler picture

For many years, these vehicles do not lose their popularity among fans of driving in extreme conditions.

Paramount Group Marauder picture

Paramount Group Marauder pics

Paramount Group Marauder
It is an armored mine-protected vehicle. Its carrying capacity is up to 2 tons, maximum speed – 120 km / h.

Toyota Hilux pics

Toyota Hilux picture

Toyota Hilux
Due to its simplicity, functionality and maintainability, pickup Toyota Hilux has earned immense popularity around the world.

Bowler Wildcat picture

Bowler Wildcat pics

Bowler Wildcat
The representative not only borrowed the name from the cat family, but some of the components from the Land Rover Defender.