The coolest Dodge cars in history part I

January 27, 2015 at 19:07

The Dodge Company was based in the beginning of the 1900 by Dodge brothers. This American car brand throughout the century to surprise and delight his loyal fans. Of course, this car has left its mark on history.

Dodge Hayes Body Coupe, 1939

This car, released in 1939, sets the style and direction to the many cool cars that are considered cult wheelbarrows of the last century. Bold design and compactness does not leave anyone indifferent lover of advanced technology and personal transport.

Dodge Hayes Body Coupe 1939 pics

Dodge Hayes Body Coupe 1939 picture

Dodge Charger, 1968

Dodge Charger, 1968 pics

Dodge Charger, 1968 зшсегку

This car looks like a predator, causing a similar association with its stylish and more aggressive design. Some particularly superstitious people say that this car brand and it is this model year brings its owner misfortune and failure. We believe that to be the owner of such beauty – and already have good luck.

Dodge Daytona, 1969

Dodge Daytona, 1969 pics

Dodge Daytona, 1969 picture

Among all the classic cars of the sixties and seventies, Daytona 69th – one of the most iconic wheelbarrows, this gave her a tribute racing heritage. This muscle car never goes out of fashion and is no longer an object of desire, in part due to his role in the movie “Fast and Furious”.

Dodge Shelby Charger, 1983

Dodge Shelby Charger, 1983 pics

Dodge Shelby Charger, 1983 picture

Modified suspension, new design, increased engine to 107 “horses”, powerful brakes, sport stickers and responsive steering gave us almost a sports car.

Dodge Viper Coupe, 1992

Dodge Viper Coupe, 1992 pics

Dodge Viper Coupe, 1992 picture

Since its launch in 1992, this sports car has undergone a number of improvements and changes, but has retained its main style, idea and unique charm.

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