Top 10 Compact Cars according to Their Sales

November 5, 2012 at 09:54

Let’s see which compact cars appear to be the most popular around the world according to the number of models sold. As compact cars are getting more and more popular, let’s try to find out whether some of the small cars that you know of, got into the list of the most popular ones. Let’s start the new ranking that will tell us, to which cars the customers trust their choices and every-day driving needs.

10th Place took the new compact Kia Forte with 1,281 sales

Kia Forte

compact Kia Forte pic

9th Place took the great Nissan Sentra with number of copies sold equal to 1,469

Nissan Sentra red

Nissan Sentra red car

8th Place took the German classic compact model of Volkswagen Golf with 1820 units sold

Volkswagen Golf photo

Volkswagen Golf photo

7th Place took the Ford Focus with about 1,826 copies sold

Ford Focus

Ford Focus image

6th Place took the creative Toyota Matrix with the total of 1,960 models sold

hatchback Toyota Matrix

compact hatchback Toyota Matrix

5th Place took the interesting in design Chevrolet Cobalt with 2,041 models sold

Chevrolet Cobalt coupe

Chevrolet Cobalt coupe&sedan

4th Place took the Hyundai Elantra with 3,793 units sold

Hyundai Elantra photo

Hyundai Elantra photo

3rd Place took the reliable and popular Toyota Corolla and about 3,821 copies sold

Toyota Corolla photo

Toyota Corolla photo

2nd Place took the Honda Civic with sales of 5,312

Honda Civic black

Honda Civic black hybrid

1st Place took the compact and fuel efficient Mazda3 with a number of 5,441 models sold

2013 Mazda3 Hatchback

2013 Mazda3 Hatchback